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My experiences with this world of graphics has opened up many sectors in which it has become my interest to be an artist in this field. Throughout the years creating and developing ideas has become essential and graphics has bought me to it. Learning to create posters for professional sectors, making magazines, designing logos and Furthermore, picking up skills and techniques to capture good photography. Additionally, this has introduced me to the industry on how it works allowing me to meet with professionals and understanding their work ethics. In all this Cinema 4d, After Effects and Photoshop have been my profound interest, creating sequences and elements towards motion graphics. I’m interested in the game industry as a concept artist. Character design, environmental designs and developing ideas, visualizing them in various platforms on 3D software's. Defining the sketches in photoshop using a graphics tablet and enhancing the skills to create various narratives. With observing different game artbooks and their artists, it allows me to understand where the inspiration and creativity comes from.




Brand Strategy, Identity & Branding,

Print, Digital, Web & Art Direction  

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